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We develop and utilize ultrafast multidimensional spectroscopies to study topics in biophysics and materials science.

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Recent News

December 12, 2018 – Congratulations, Dr. Nick Kearns!
Nick defended his thesis, titled “Development of ultra broadband nonlinear spectroscopy and microscopy with applications to materials systems” on December 12, 2018. Nick will be working at Lockheed Martin in Seattle, Washington. Congratulations, Nick! Click here to see picture of the day!

November 16, 2018 – Ryan, Kieran, Zach, and Sid join the Zanni Group!
Four new first years have joined the Zanni Group! We celebrated Ryan Allen, Kieran Farrell, Zach Armstrong, and Sid Dicke with dinner at Ha Long Bay and a night on the town. Welcome to the group!

November 15, 2018 – Marty is giving a student invited seminar at UCSD!
Marty has been invited by the students of University of California- Sand Diego to give a seminar. Way to go, Marty!

October 9, 2018 – Marty named a Fellow of the Optical Society!
Marty has been named a OSA fellow “for pioneering and innovative work advancing the optical technology and scientific applications of ultrafast multidimensional spectroscopies.” Congratulations, Marty!

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Latest Publications

Enhancing the signal strength of surface sensitive 2D IR spectroscopy

Petti MK, Ostrander JS, Saraswat V, Birdsall ER, Rich KL, Lomont JP, Arnold MS, and Zanni M T. J. Chem. Phys. (2019),  150, 024707. 

Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy Reveals Excitation Energy-Dependent State Mixing during Singlet Fission in a Terrylenediimide Dimer

Mandal A, Chen M, Foszcz ED, Schultz JD, Kearns NM, Young RM, Zanni M T,  and Wasielewski MR, JACS (2018), 140(51), pp 17907-17914.  

Structural Polymorphs Suggest Competing Pathways for the Formation of Amyloid Fibrils That Diverge from a Common Intermediate Species

Buchanan LE, Maj M, Dunkelberger EB, Cheng PN, Nowick JS, and Zanni M T, Biochemistry (2018), 57(46), pp 6470-6478.

Heterogeneous Amyloid β-Sheet Polymorphs Identified on Hydrogen Bond Promoting Surfaces Using 2D SFG Spectroscopy

Ho JJ, Ghosh A, Zhang TO and Zanni M T, Journal of Physical Chemistry A (2018), 122, 1270-1281

Spectroscopic Signature for Stable β-Amyloid Fibrils versus β-Sheet-Rich Oligomers


Lomont JP, Rich KL, Maj M, Ho JJ, Ostrander JS and Zanni M T, Journal of Physical Chemistry B (2018), 122, 144-153