Wide-field FTIR microscopy using mid-IR pulse shaping

TitleWide-field FTIR microscopy using mid-IR pulse shaping
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsSerrano AL, Ghosh A, Ostrander JS, Zanni MT
Secondary TitleOptics Express
Date Published2015
PublisherOptics Express

We have developed a new table-top technique for collecting wide-field Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) microscopic images by combining a femtosecond pulse shaper with a mid-IR focal plane array. The pulse shaper scans the delay between a pulse pair extremely rapidly for high signal-to-noise, while also enabling phase control of the individual pulses to under-sample the interferograms and subtract background. Infrared absorption images were collected for a mixture of W(CO)6 or Mn2(CO)10absorbed polystyrene beads, demonstrating that this technique can spatially resolve chemically distinct species. The images are sub-diffraction limited, as measured with a USAF test target patterned on CaF2 and verified with scalar wave simulations. We also find that refractive, rather than reflective, objectives are preferable for imaging with coherent radiation. We discuss this method with respect to conventional FTIR microscopes.

Short TitleOpt. Express