• First-Year Tianqi Zhang Joins the Group

    First-year Tianqi Zhang officially became a member of the Zanni group on November 1.  She is in the chem-bio program, and is the first non-pchem student to join us.  Welcome to the group, Tianqi!

    Larger photos from the Nov. 1 celebration are here

  • Congratulations, Dr. Wei!

    Wei Xiong defended his thesis, titled "Development and Applications of Shaper-Based 2D IR and SFG Spectroscopy," on August 10, 2011. He is starting a postdoc in Kaptyen-Murnane's research lab in JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder. Congratulations, Dr. Wei!

    Photos of the celebrations can be found here.

  • Randy Receives the NSF and NDSEG Fellowships

    Randy was selected as a recipient of both the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRF) and the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG). While the
    fellowship rules mean that Randy was only allowed to accept one of the two (he chose the NDSEG), being recognized for both is quite an honor. Congratulations, Randy!

  • Marty Receives a PECASE Award

    Marty was one of 20 NIH-nominated winners of the 2009 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers.

  • Zanni Group Goes to CMDS

    The entire Zanni group attended the 5th International Conference on Coherent Multidimensional Spectroscopy in Minneapolis, MN. Marty gave a talk about recent advances in using 2D IR spectroscopy to study large amyloid proteins and the rest of the group presented posters on their current research projects. Everyone had a good time, learned about some exciting science, and appreciated the opportunity to meet other scientists in the field.

  • Sang-Hee Receives the Nobel Laureate Signature Award

    Sang-Hee and Marty received the 2010 Nobel Laureate Signature Award from the American Chemical Society.  This annual award recognizes an outstanding graduate student and his or her adviser in any field of chemistry.  Congrats, Sang-Hee and Marty!

    (Marty also received this award as a graduate student in 2001, making him the first - and so far only - person to receive the award both as a student and as a faculty mentor.)