Wei Xiong

Assistant Professor, UC-San Diego


Wei has developed novel 2D IR techniques to avoid lineshape distortion and enhance signal to noise in 2D IR spectroscopy. Working with Jenny, he also used transient IR and transient 2D IR to study charge transfer at inorganic-organic interfaces. Recently, he developed heterodyned shaper-based time domain SFG spectroscopy and the world's first heterodyned 2D SFG spectroscopy. He looks forward to applying these techniques to systems such as materials and surface peptides.

Wei was born in China and graduated as a bachelor from Peking Univeristy in 2002. He moved to Madison and started his Ph.D. studies right after graduation. He will start as a research associate in September, 2011 in Kaptyen-Murnane's research lab at JILA, Univeristy of Colorado, Boulder.  Wei loves outdoor activities and photography. He has traveled to several National Parks and also is a good sailor and windsurfer.

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