David Skoff


David's recent research effort has been to investigate the structure and dynamics of peptide and DNA monolayers using two-dimensional sum frequency generation (2D SFG). 2D SFG is a new technique that has only been accomplished by three research groups in the world. It is a surface sensitive technique that is very useful for studying molecules at interfaces such as air-water, membrane-water, and air-gold. Here we have demonstrated the first application of this technique to peptides and DNA which is opening the path to surface selective studies of membrane-bound or membrane-inserted proteins.

Previously, David worked to design and develop a commerical 2D IR spectrometer and to use 2D IR spectroscopy to investigate α-synuclein membrane binding and aggregation. This work has spanned the areas of biophysical chemistry, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, and physics. David is a trainee in the NIH sponsored Molecular Biophysics Training Program at UW-Madison.

David came to UW-Madison after receiving a B.A. in chemistry and a minor in biochemistry from the University of Colorado at Boulder (2009). At CU, David spent a year and a half in Niels Damrauer's group studying pulse shaping and coherent control. David also worked at Cocona Inc. under Dr. Gregory Haggquist for four years developing new industry standard garment testing methods.

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