Sean Moran

Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University


Sean’s research in the Zanni group involves the development of techniques to study the folding and misfolding of large proteins using 2D IR spectroscopy. Using bacterial expression, uniform isotope labeling, and native chemical ligation, Sean is studying amyloid fiber formation in the cataract-related human eye lens protein gamma D-crystallin.

Sean grew up in Newtown, CT, and earned his B.Sc. in biochemistry from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec in 2001. After college he taught high school biology in his hometown for a year before pursuing his
Ph.D in biophysical and bioinorganic chemistry at Columbia University with Professor Brian Gibney.

In his spare time, Sean enjoys playing guitar with his band at a variety of dive bars around Madison. He also cultivates an unhealthy obsession with baseball in general and the Boston Red Sox in particular.

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